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soothe2 is an incredibly useful tool for taming and balancing resonant peaks that build up from vocals, synths, and distortion treatments. Right now I’m using it on my vocal bus to smooth out all my high end EQ boosts, and it’s great for instruments like Wurlitzers that can get really crunchy when the harmonics start to step on each other. Overall I’m finding it’s really useful for bringing up the presence of a sound without needing as much compression and EQ. It’s a much faster process than adding in dynamic EQ notches, so I love any plugin that saves me time.

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Now, you might be wondering what the differences are between the two plugins, and the answer lies in the mids knob. While the Audified RZ062A mid knob rotates the entire frequency curve around a central point, the RZ062B knob allows you to adjust one of four preset frequencies. Thankfully, over the past year or two, we’ve seen more developers focusing on the API sound as the SSL marketplace becomes increasingly oversaturated. Sometimes you want to EQ some weird resonance into a sound, but most of the time you find yourself actually eqing resonances and painful frequencies out of sounds. Plus the algorithm is so precise that it’s artefacts are also useful when you just keep the reduced frequencies for creative purposes.


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But that doesn’t mean they don’t have value — in fact, they sound great. The Audified RZ062 plugins have long been hailed as an excellent choice on vocals, and we couldn’t agree more. They’re particularly good at helping the vocals keep a slightly warm tone while excelling in the high end, ensuring that a vocal more easily cuts through a mix. Often, you’ll want to use this EQ in conjunction with another, slightly more precise one, but for more broad boosts and cuts, both the Audified RZ062 plugins have a lot to offer. Of course, design comes second to sound when it comes to audio plugins — and thankfully the two plugins sound great two.

It combines novel heuristics for finding resonances with advanced filtering techniques to minimise degradation of the signal quality. The process is free from pre-ring, crossovers, and summing artefacts commonly found in dynamic equalisers and multiband compressors.

Now in a 25th anniversary edition, the L1 is a look-ahead peak limiter and high-res re-quantizer in a single plugin. The L1 has been a mixing and mastering standard for the past two and a half decades of its lifespan. This means that the average signal level of the material can be significantly increased without adding any audible unpleasant side effects. If you’re simulating classic video game music or even early sampling technology for LoFi hip-hop production, bitcrushing could be a strong part of your musical vocabulary.

Decimort’s presets include settings that intentionally emulate old samplers like the Akai MPC and E-mu’s SP-1200, and 8-bit game-style sounds too. Let’s say you put texture onto a piano line and choose, say, a water sound from the in-built bank. Now, if you’re looking for a surgical EQ, keep looking — these plugins are not surgical by any means.